5 top tips for choosing the perfect gift

The Gift Smith


Do you have that one friend or family member who seems impossible to buy for? I’m pretty sure we’ve all got at least one. Either they’ve already got everything, or you can just never quite put your finger on what would make the perfect gift for them. You could trawl the shops, wrack your brain, and settle on another gift voucher. OR you could take a moment to read my 5 top tips for choosing the perfect gift for that special someone…

These tips can be applied to gifting at any time of year, for any occasion, and when thinking about sending gifts in your business too.

1: Think interests, hobbies and favourites!

Have a think about what it is that makes them them, and what it is they love the most. Selecting something that is personal to them is a great way to show that you’ve really thought about them as an individual.

Are they really into a particular TV show, movie or band? Have a look for a cool piece of merchandise they could add to their collection, something limited edition would earn you bonus points!

What’s their drink of choice? Whether its gin, whiskey, prosecco or beer you could put together a hamper of goodies. A bottle (or two) of their favourite, a specific glass for them to drink it from, a fancy coaster, and any other accessories that go with it (think bottle opened, cocktail mixer, or fun things to pimp their prosecco).

Do they love to indulge in a spot of pampering? Find a totally luxurious lotion or potion, a fab coloured nail polish or perhaps a daring new lippy.

If, like me, they’re stationery obsessed then you can’t go wrong with a nice notebook and pen – and that extra touch by personalising it with their name or a quote that means a lot to them.

By keeping the recipient’s interests, hobbies and favourite things in you’ll not only find something they’ll love, but they’ll love you too for putting in the effort to think of them.

2: Listen up, and take note!

You’ve got to make sure you’re paying attention for this one – always! If you can succeed then you could be onto an amazing gift idea! One that will surprise them and show them that you are always listening too.

They might mention how much they like a particular author, chocolatier, clothes designer, cosmetics range, or anything else like that which sticks in your mind. Remember it if you can, or write it down if you fear you might forget.

It could be part of a totally random conversation where they mention something that sparks an idea – take a note of it if you can (without raising suspicion)! Or you might be flicking through a magazine or scrolling through Instagram when you spot something that instantly makes you think of them – take a picture and save it for later!

You’ll thank yourself later when it’s time to buy them a gift and you’ve already got that great idea, and they’ll be so touched that you remembered.

3: Reminisce!

It could be something that reminds you of a special holiday, day-trip or other memorable moment you shared together. Maybe a favourite photo of you both in a gorgeous frame, a food or beverage item that you discovered together whilst abroad, or perhaps a novelty item that reminds you of a joke or anecdote that you’ve laughed about together.

Simple ideas that might not mean anything to others, but you know you’ll both get it, and they’ll so appreciate the personal nature of the gift. Something that only you could give them, and that bring back many happy memories.

4: Shop independent!

I try to do as much of my gift shopping with independent/small businesses as I can. Not only do you find real gems of items – things totally unique, lovingly handcrafted, and beautifully wrapped – but there’s also the added bonus of knowing that you’re supporting an individual to pursue their passion and grow their business. If I’m looking for a gift my first stops are always Etsy and Not on the High Street – unless I am on the High Street (see what I did there…), in which case I seek out small boutique stores that often stock local designers and makers. Shopping independent or small means you can find something really special that your recipient most likely won’t have come across themselves.

5: Think outside the box (or the gift)!

Once you’ve chosen then perfect gift it’s time for the perfect packaging.

Make it really special – the kind of gift you can’t wait to open from the moment you see it. Source some special wrapping paper; something luxurious, or with a fun pattern or picture you know they’ll appreciate. Go all out! Get the gift tags to match, add a ribbon or bow. Make it extra fancy with a stylish gift box or bag.

Then the final touch – add a handwritten note or card. Let them know how awesome they are and why you picked this gift especially for them.

How do you know you’ve been successful in your choice? Just sit back and wait for the beaming smile and that look in their eye when they open it that says “thank you, it’s perfect!”

Such a great feeling! Happy gifting!

Thanks for reading,

Elisabeth x